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Child and Adolescence

Early Childhood


Early childhood, where the foundations of a child's future are laid. In these crucial years, the developing brain is highly sensitive to both biological predispositions and environmental influences. Understanding this delicate balance, we recognize the potential impact on a child's cognitive and emotional development.

My commitment extends to early childhood prevention and intervention, employing play therapy techniques and evidence-based modalities. Through these approaches, I create a supportive environment for children to express themselves, process emotions, and navigate challenges. My goal is to guide them back to a trajectory of normal development, ensuring they have the opportunity to thrive alongside their peers.



Adolescence is a transformative and dynamic phase in a young person's life. Adolescence marks the transition from childhood to adulthood, bringing with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities. This period, though filled with potential, is equally delicate, influenced by both biological changes and the complex interplay of environmental factors.

During adolescence, the developing brain undergoes significant restructuring, shaping cognitive abilities and emotional responses. The intricate dance between genetics and environment plays a crucial role in determining outcomes. External influences, such as peer relationships, societal expectations, and educational environments, contribute to the rich tapestry of adolescent experiences.

Understanding the complexities of this stage, I emphasize adolescent well-being through prevention and targeted interventions. My approach integrates evidence-based practices to navigate the emotional terrain of adolescence. By acknowledging the importance of self-expression, identity development, and resilience-building, I strive to guide adolescents toward a path of healthy growth.

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